Saturday, December 26, 2009

New Year's resolutions

This year, I resolve to...
-Stop exercising (It conserve energy)
-Read less books and newspapers  (This will makes me think).
-Watch more  infotainment (Definitely it reduces my overweight IQ)
-Spend more time at work (Surfing the Internet is a must).
-Not jump off a mall (They say it disturbs public order).
-Start to believe in politicians, and bureaucrats (Laughter is the best medicine).
-Never make New Year's resolutions again. Life is beautiful, let it flows.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010

Friday, December 18, 2009

On beautiful environmental-friendly creature

. . . a man becomes a beautiful environmental-friendly creature if he can limit his thoughts on scientific matters no more than 6 credit unit (SKS) each semester . . .
and uses the rest of his thoughts -- up to 1800 SKS -- on real things, like soccer, including Miyabi thing (if he believe he is forever in his 20s), and most... importantly on how to make peace with his self . Beyond that, a man is nothing else but a toxic expired dairy product (This is serious friend, believe me at 0.05 alpha level, meaning the probability I tell you a lie is only 5%)

Monday, December 14, 2009

A Piece of Tomorrow

A wise man said, you can not visit the house of tomorrow, 
not even in your dreams
But look at these pure-water small faces
Look deep with the eyes of your hearts
You will taste a piece of tomorrow

A taste that helps make you through the journey into your disappearance

Friday, December 04, 2009

Poor Damned fool teacher

I'll be a poor damned fool teacher if my students remain nothing but "my students", speaking cut and paste words from my thoughts . . . for the essence of education is not to produce new generations which are simply a carbon copy of our generation, but to empower new generations with freedom of thoughts, to construct their own thoughts . . . for they dwell in the house of future which we can not visit, even in our dreams

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

May our Almighty Clown . . .

May our Almighty Clown blesses us with tons of laughters -- forever and a day
Because life is a comedy
Because when sense of humor goes there goes human civilization and civility
Because sense of humor is mankind's greatest quality.
Because sense of humor is a major defense against the increasingly insane world society.

Friday, September 18, 2009


. . . secular fundamentalists see themselves as executing the will of History, and religious fundamentalists believe they are commissioned to carry the will of God. They, however, share the same humanity defects. Both of them are all clowns who make their audience too affraid to laugh.
They are absolutists, colorblind creatures who see the world in a binary of black and white, right or wrong, left and right, us and them.
Their basic need, to be always right, is a sign of their vulgar minds

Monday, July 06, 2009

Reposting from Thursday, January 24, 2008

Neoliberalism and Apartheid Economy

They are the negros of our "world class economy" . . . the pariahs in our market fundamentalism dreams.

While we are chasing our own version of American Dream, joining the bandwagon of globalization, and pursuing our place in a world-class community, here are pictures of the other side of us all, to whom we -- the market winners and worshipers -- always makes claims that we are hearing them (but never listening), looking at them (without ever seeing), talking to them (yet, without speaking) .
Because we are too far high, in our five-star neoliberalism dreamland . . . we are moving toward (what Richard Freeman puts it) an "apartheid economy" . More and more portion of Indonesian population has been progressively excluded from the economy, by the instrumental rationality of neoliberalism and market forces, marginalized from the never-ending circuit of money-commodity-more money, doomed to become the pariah or decaying sub-population of our fast modernizing Indonesian economy. They've been treated as subhuman, the "negros" in our "world-class economy". Their kids have been separated from the kids of our "world-class schools and universities", they've been denied from the rights for descent and civilized public health services.
The invicible hand of the sacred market made the "unmarketable poor" invicible . . .
They've been evicted from their houses and sidewalks miniscale mall, for the rich need more space for luxurious housing, convenience traffic, and picturesque American-style urban sceneries -- they are forbiden from wandering into our "world-class" malls or shopping arcades that once were public spaces. Their demands, for better wages and treatments, tend to be supressed, and silenced by labeling them as the ghost of long-gone communists movement -- all for the sake of creating a better investment climate.

Indeed, the invisible hand of our market treats them without human face. On the contrary, the invisible hand made the "unmarketable have-nots" invisible. They are the negros of the Indonesian neoliberal seconomy, and are the pariahs in our market fundamentalism grandnarrative.

Despite the rhetoric of the market fundamentalists, facts suggest the persistence of high levels of poverty even though there is more than enough resources to prevent it.
Poverty is a social construction, not an objective reality. This can be taken to means that poverty is socially created and reproduced, it involves interplays among social and political groups on an unlevel power-playing fields. The ways in which control, use and access to the economic resources are instrinsically part of the reasons why so many people down and out on our big cities streets -- and could not (re)gain further access to economic resources.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Neoliberalism is a wild wild West capitalism for the poor, but a utopian classless socialism comes true for the rich -- where everyone goes to the same expensive and prestigious universities, drives the same class of cars, live at the same part of the city, travel to the same spots of the world, and be buried in the same exclusive graveyards.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

is man, one of God's blunder?

These shoes belong to the victims of Birkenau Auschwitz gas chambers . . . The Nazi said because they were born as Jews, and they had to be eliminated as a "final solution". In other cases, in other historical juncture, it may be us who possesses so much hatred and "collect the shoes" of others . . . just because they were born as Chinese, Arabs, Bosnians, or because they chose to be communists, pro-indepence Timorese, non-believers, etc. It is the barbaric impulses that drive us to hate and to eliminate all otherness . . . Human being, perhaps, one of God's blunder

Thursday, April 23, 2009

End of Season Sale

"Dagang sapi" seems to be the only game in town now! . . . everyone's soul is for sale . . . and you can watch politics bears a very close resemblance to the oldest profession in human civilization.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Campaign 2009

The Democratic Party, Indonesian Chapter, is eyeing alternative coalitions with other key major political groups, in case the current Yudhoyono-Kalla pairing turns sour. Coalitions with the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) or the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) would be possible options, a senior official in the Headquarter of Democratic Party, Obama, told a discussion in Kennedy Center, Wahington D.C. on Friday. Obama was of the opinion that the Democratic Party, Indonesian Chapter, would have several options if Golkar were to choose another running mate. Speculations about new allegiances is only one consequence of the current political tensions between Yudhoyono's Democratic Party and Golkar, which Vice President Jusuf Kalla chairs. Obama, did not rule out a Democratic Party link up with the PDI-P if Kalla decided to run as president. "If Golkar leaves, the Democratic Party will not be alone," Obama told The Wahington Post.

Meanwhile, high-rank executives of the Prosperous and Justice Party (PKS) mentioned that their party would be more than willing to form a strategic alliance with the Democratic Party as long as could support PKS's political platform which include a national program to revive the true national identity such as to use right hands for eating and drinking.
Political jokes is society protecting itself against the irrationality of politics and politicians rationality . . .

Thursday, February 12, 2009

. . . and man is nothing else but a construction of his -- limited, underdeveloped, and definitively stupid -- imagination of himself in its relation to universe ( Feb. 12, 2009 )