Monday, February 04, 2008

The Don's Legacy

Don Soeharto's worst legacy :
Indonesia's Killing Fields "
Suharto ran Indonesia like a mafia don," said Jeffrey Winters, professor of political economy at Northwestern University, Chicago. "Everything turned on the don, all business went through the don, the don was the source of security, and he destroyed everything, parliament, the rule of law, the intellectual community, and turned the police and military into his personal instruments." Evenr, it's virtually impossibel to write the history of post-Sukarno politics without mentioning Suharto. In seceral crucial issues and events , it would be wrong to analize the country without relating it to Suharto's psychological traits. Nonetheless, despite his undisputed power to write the history of our country during a particular historical juncture, he is now no longer posses the power to write his own history. He is now at the mercy of our media, of younger generations og those who were the vistims of his power.
Suharto's iron-fisted rule bought economic growth but also ushered in nepotism and corruption. And Suharto's legacy of corruption and shady business dealings go back a long way.( to be continued )

Let today embrace the past with remembrance
For the struggle of society against the evil of power

is a struggle of memory against forgetting

( to be continued )


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