Thursday, March 27, 2008

Neoliberalism and Plastic Surgery

To look beautiful is a neoliberalism moral duty.
Girls, go get plastic surgery for your breasts, your noses, your tummies, and your asses!. You may find and would surprise that paying for plastic surgery by women, to look beautiful and to improve employability is a typical neoliberal phenomenon.

Because, you too exist for the market, not the other way around. Accordingly, and you shall also compete each other. Neoliberalism thus see competitiveness — or specifically employability, for women and those who do not own capital — is their moral duty. They have a moral duty to arrange their lives to maximize their advantage on the labor market. As a consequence, it is not a surprise to find that plastic surgery by women – to look more beautiful -- is a common phenomenon in neoliberal economies. For them, to look beautiful is a way to improve employability (in this context is a new synonim for exploitability); the chance to get employed in several industries, especially in entertainment, media, public relations, airline industries, would be greater if you're look beautiful. Such a phenomenon helps explain the cooptation of patriarchy by neoliberal ideology, or the hierarchical co-existence between the two ideologies.

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