Sunday, September 07, 2008

Make peace with yourself

Dear friends, here is our situation: Man is indeed a small creature on Earth. The Earth is smaller than Jupiter. The Jupiter is much smaller than Sun. The Sun is much much smaller than Archturus. The Archturus is much much much smaller than Antares. . . itself a tiny part of unknown existence.

. . . and if only we could stop hearing things, we could listen to the whispering words of wisdom: Make peace with yourself -- 'cuz you are nothing, not even a dust in the wind. All known men's imaginations and conceptions, about gods, human beings and their universe, are indeed invicible transient particles, scattered along a tiny part of the great great history of the universe.

Man future generations, let say in the year of 2008 x 2 , or of 2008+500, would smile and laugh at today's knowledge, beliefs, imaginations, conceptions, and civilizations; and they would think how primitive, retarded, and stupid we are today – if only they can still find traces of our existence.
Expect no mercy for your absurdity. Take it with a gentle serenity. Make peace with yourself, and open the gate of your sanctuary. Free your spirit, and let it runs beyond bars and wires of the iron cage that you never made. Unleash your soul, and let it swims upstreams, to find your own reverie. Let your conscience runs rules and set boundaries, 'cuz it is always part of a greater existence. Until you cease to exist, at the end of your future, do whatever you think and feel is best. Our greater soul will surely do the rest.

Life is just a series of absurd waiting periods. Yet, life is a beautiful mystery. Life is a playful wonderful wonder. Love it. (depok, sept 3, 2008)

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